Mandala Light Therapy Systems

with Biofeedback-specific resonant libraries

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Mandala Light Therapy Systems are the world’s most advanced Coherent Laser Light Healing Systems… gently stimulating the body’s innate ability to balance all gross and subtle bodily systems and bring them into fully aligned states of wellness.

The Light Mandala systems were developed by a group of like-minded professionals from a wide range of disciplines including physics, astro-physics, and health care, who set out to produce the most effective and inclusive healing modality possible. In 2009, 500 scholars from various disciplines gathered in China to bring this vision to fruition via the most current applications and designs. The work of Drs. Rife and Voll were two of these technologies that provided the inspiration base for the research and development teams.

The result is the Mandala Light Therapy Systems… including a 16 million colour solid state photon source for Light Therapy which is programmed to recreate the spectral resonances for libraries of elements, trace minerals, homeopathic cell salts and outputs the precise colours representing each element.


Light Alchemy combined with the Mandala Scan forms a powerful biofeedback technology that monitors the state of coherence of mind, body and spirit of the client and provides a specific set of the most beneficial spectral resonances to create a finely tuned therapy session tailored to the client’s needs at that time.

The Mandala Scan will create a biofeedback system for the Light Therapy Session including the following:

food allergies, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, antioxidants, food supplements, physical energy state, emotional state, mental state, organ systems and meridians, chemical toxins, geopathic stress, heavy metals, common elements, trace elements, schussler salts, bach flower remedies


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