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Together we discover and co-create our collective evolution.

To facilitate and bear witness to one another in this process is a sacred act.

I am willing to hold the zero-point, sacred neutral and bear witness to your Spirit’s innate ability to heal. I am willing to facilitate your Spirit’s wish for growth and transformation by accessing and sharing all of the skills I’ve learned so far.

Thank you for stopping by. Thank you for sharing. Thank you for inquiring into our collective evolution.



Morgaine Owens Holographic Kinetics Practitionerexplorer of light. student of love. seeker of truth.

Certified Holographic Kinetics Practitioner and Certified Breathwork specialist.


Individual wellness sessions in Holographic Kinetics and Immortal Breathwork are available in Vancouver and Victoria BC Canada

Trainings in Immortal Breath and Spiritual Purification Practices as well as the Complete Personal Transformation Guidance can be arranged worldwide

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“I am having a challenge articulating the healing and results that I am experiencing since [my Holographic Kinetics session] Monday, today being Thursday. The physical pain, discomfort and immobility that was expressing in my hip and the sciatica that was unbearable for 5+ years has released and I can walk without a limp, bend, less stress on a physical, mental and emotional level, WHEW! I am way less grumpy and feeling less restriction and more energetic freedom… I am experiencing awesome release from those physical pains. Thank you !!”

Ashlie – Health Practitioner


“I felt immediate ease and improved mood following my session with Star. My heart is less heavy and people have said I look happier after having just 2 sessions! She’s a great healer & I will definitely book again.”

Graeme – massage therapist


“My session created a huge shift in my life. The very next day I manifested a bunch of money for me to go to south of France, and I got clearer understanding of my general emotional process. It opened a block and more things started flowing over the next few months in my general life process. Thank you!”

Untwine – musician, sound healer


“Star is on a mission to heal humanity. I have had two sessions with her and can say personally she doesn’t muck about. Past life clearing, present life, health information, and even some surprise visits!”

Paul – visionary counsellor


“Star, you are a powerful healer and a beautiful soul. I was amazed at how precise and accurate your intuitions were, and also how gentle the healings felt. I feel so blessed to have been a part of the work you are doing on this planet. You are an inspiration, and I am excited to see how your journey unfolds!!”

Lindsay – licensed practical nurse & reiki master




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